The Brooklyn Nets Will Trade Kyrie Irving

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Everyones favorite flat earther now turned Native American Kyrie Irving is on the trade block per Ian Begley. Irving has been nothing but a headache to the Brooklyn Nets in efforts to make everything about himself.

Kyrie thinks the world is out to get him and has not compelled to anything that has been thrown his way during life and especially this pandemic. Now of course, it is EVERYONES choice to either get the vaccine or not get the vaccine.

Irving is trying to be Colin Kaepernick in this situation, mind you Kyrie is not doing anything positive for anyone. There is no ‘good’ fight to fight, he is just risking his career for his believes which is fine.

The fact of the matter remains the Brooklyn Nets will be unable to trade him until Kyrie is vaccinated. Irving seems to have no intention to play basketball and the Nets must think everyday “what the fuck did we get ourselves into?”

What a headache.

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