The biggest trends in sports science technology

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If you follow a sport closely, you’ll have noticed the rise of sports science technology. From fewer injuries to higher performance, almost every sport in the world is getting better. Here are the biggest trends in sports science technology. 

Injury prevention

One of the biggest trends in sports science technology is injury prevention. Injuries cost teams wins, money, and roster spots. Nowadays, it’s easier to prevent injuries by focusing on biomechanics, diet, and training regimes.

Body composition monitoring

Monitoring body composition is a huge trend in sports science technology because it allows teams to see exactly what’s happening with their players. This allows for easier and better decision-making and makes the whole sports science team smarter and more efficient.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Studies show that HIIT is the most effective workout protocol because it boosts endurance and strength while reducing injuries. Almost all professional athletes use HIIT training in their routine.


Electrostimulation is a technique used to train your muscles that uses electric currents. It’s especially helpful for athletes wanting to gain muscle, as it is known to boost protein synthesis.


Heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring and training

A huge trend in sports science technology nowadays, HRV monitoring gives teams extra information on their players’ fitness levels, allowing them to train more efficiently. It also allows teams to make decisions based on the data they get from heart rate variability.


Injury recovery systems

One of the biggest trends in sports science technology, injury recovery systems are now used by top teams. They are usually based on cryotherapy, compression, and elevation.

In-game analytics 

Sports analytics nowadays are more precise than ever before. In-game analytics uses real-time data to allow teams to analyze the game as it happens and make better decisions. For example, it’s now easy to analyze the best female tennis players. Browse now

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Biomarker analysis

Biomarker analysis is another trend in sports science technology that allows teams to monitor players’ health. Biomarkers are basically cells that can be found in human blood, saliva, and urine. They help teams to know how their players are feeling, allowing them to make better decisions about who should play and who should rest.

Sweat analysis

This is another trend in sports science technology that allows teams to monitor players’ health. Sweat analysis helps teams measure the hydration levels of their players, offering them a way to understand what’s happening with their bodies and if they need additional rest or maybe more fluids.

Wearable technology

What was once thought to be just a fad is now one of the biggest trends in sports science technology. Sports teams worldwide are wearing wearable devices that monitor players’ movement, heart rate, and even sleep patterns. This allows the trainers to understand each athlete’s performance in incredible detail.


Sports science has changed the way many sports are played today. These changes gave athletes the extra boost to be their best and gave teams the upper hand. From increased performance to preventing injuries, sports science is leading the way for better teams and athletes.

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