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The Best Photos of Pauline and Mathilde Tantot, Twin Instagram Bombshells From France

We have our best bombshell features this week and there’s a saying that goes two is usually better than one, and we got them here!

Here for our post today we showcase identical twin Instagram models Pauline and Mathilde Tantot of France. The twin sisters have been getting some decent popularity as of recently, especially with the likes of their swimsuit business, Khassani Swimwear


So here we go and start with Mathilde…

Now here is Pauline:

To end this post, here’s a couple with the twins together!

In this case, like I said at the top, two is always better than one!

Mathilde does have a Twitter account, but Pauline’s unfortunately is suspended at the moment.

However, you can feel free to follow both Tantot sisters on Instagram by clicking for Mathilde here and Pauline here.

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