The Best Part Of The Finals: No Matter What Happens Dion Waiters Is Eligible For A Ring

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Dion Waiters started the season in Miami, but only played in ten games for the team before the whole infamous gummy incident. That incident for those who don’t know was when Waiters took some THC-infused gummies on a team flight that led him to have a panic attack. Waiters was suspended after that incident and that was the last of his stint in Miami. Hey, credit to Waiters though, he never did snitch on who gave him the gummies.

Waiters was traded to Memphis but was released just three days later. Right before the season shut down Waiters signed a deal with the Lakers to join them for the rest of the season. Waiters has only played in seven games since the restart and has played in five games during the playoffs. If the Heat win, however, the players and owner have to agree on if Dion will receive a ring or not.

Regardless, this season has been a wild ride for Dion. Many people thought his career might be over after the incident in Miami. Well, now he’s on his way to getting that first ring of his career win or lose. Never change Dion, Waiters island for life.

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