The 20th Anniversary 9/11 Baseball Game Between the Yankees & Mets Was Perfect in Honoring America

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Wow. From the pregame events with the playing of the national anthem, to the crowd chanting “USA” throughout the game, to the actual product being displayed on the field itself. The United States of America should be proud of the unity that was displayed at Citi Field on a Saturday Night.

The great Vin Scully once said, ” The one constant through all the years has been baseball”. In a time where America needed a distraction from the horrific events that occurred on September 11th back in 2001, baseball was there to deliver that distraction. That is what made tonight so special. People were reminded about the unity that baseball created back in 2001. However, fuck the fans who were going onto the field during the game. Like, c’mon!! Why are you trying to cause chaos on a day like this? Shame on them.

I had the pleasure to watch the ceremonies that were going on pre-game with my father and I saw the tears coming out of his eyes while watching. The stories that were shared, the music that was played, the groups that were honored. My dad was in New York City the day of the attacks and knew multiple people that were in the twin towers at the time. I also know friends’ parents that unfortunately lost their lives during that day. How could you not get emotional about it?

The game itself was magical, maybe because I am a Yankees fan as well, but the game was back and forth with home runs left and right. It was a fun, intense game to watch. Did I think the Yankees were going to blow it? Hell yeah I did. They did it once earlier in the game already and it would have been in typical 2021 Yankee fashion to do it again. I also thought it was a lock that Pete Alonso was going to hit a home run in the 8th inning to give the Mets the lead, just like Mike Piazza did back in 2001. It seemed too fitting, and of course, Alonso just missed the pitch and got slightly under it. Luckily, the Yankees were able to hold on and get a much-needed 8-7 victory over the Mets thanks to Aaron Judge’s two home runs and great defense.

However, at the end of the day, we should remember this game as an opportunity for our country to come together and be thankful for how great our country is. We are lucky to be where we are in the world, and that is due to the great work the first responders do in our country. Thank you to those that put their life on the line for this country. And as always, never forget.

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