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That Time Vince McMahon Called an Attorney a Ferret


While there is no way to confirm Vince McMahon is batshit crazy, a recent anecdote by his longtime attorney Jerry McDevitt is a reminder that it’s a Vince McMahon world and we’re just living in it.

During a recent appearance on Wrestling Inc.’s Daily podcast, Vinnie Mac’s longtime attorney Jerry McDevitt shared a hilarious story about the WWE kingpin. According to McDevitt, attorney David Olson had just obtained a big-money award for Jesse Ventura and was looking to go after the WWF for similar cases. McDevitt recalled how Linda McMahon was brought in for depositions concerning the tentative case and Vince was brought in the next day. What happened next was pure McMahon madness:


Olson starts off the deposition with Vince. And when Vince goes into a deposition, it’s kind of funny because he doesn’t do the normal stuff people do where the lawyers usually put their hand out to shake hands and whatnot, and he’s very honest. He’s like, ‘look, I’m not here to be your friend. You sued me. I’m not going to shake your hand. Why would I shake your hand? You sued me,’ which is very honest because why would you? And he’s chomping on these tic tacs, at the time, like their nails or whatnot, and so Olson says to him, ‘well, Mr. McMahon, are you aware that your wife gave a deposition yesterday?’ Vince goes, ‘yes,’ and he’s chomping on these tic tacs.

“And then Olson says, ‘and did she talk to you or tell you anything about the deposition?’ And Vince goes, ‘yes, she did,’ and he’s chomping on tic tacs. And Olson goes, ‘well, what did she tell you?’ And Vince says, ‘she said you look like a ferret,’ and he keeps chomping on these tic tacs. And Olson goes, ‘I should have expected something like that from you Mr. McMahon.’ And Vince goes, ‘hey, listen, you told me I had to tell the truth. I took an oath to tell the truth. You asked me what she said. That’s what she said. You look like a ferret,

Vince McMahon is a polarizing figure in professional wrestling whether it’s the way fans look at him, the media perceives him, or his own wrestlers look at him. Part of the reason is that he does things his way and has a very clear cut sense of how the world operates and how he chooses to do business. This anecdote is just another reminder that Vince’s brain operates a little different than the rest of us and while it may not make sense to the rest of us, his incredible insights have worked out remarkably well for him (including his honorary doctorate as seen below).

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