That Fight Was A Complete Joke As Floyd Mayweather Dominated Logan Paul

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Well the fight finally happened. Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul and it turned out to be a complete joke. Floyd dominated the fight, wasn’t even close. Only reason it wasn’t a knockout is because Paul is so much bigger and Floyd isn’t known for his knockout power. But it was clear who won, just look at the stats.

The real losers of the fight was the fans and the people who payed for it. All Paul did was just randomly swing and hoped to magically land something. Oh and he just kept hugging Floyd. Of course, his brother Jake Paul actually thinks Logan won.

This guy is so naive, Logan never stood a chance. Can’t wait until Jake fights an actual boxer so someone can finally shut him up. At the end of the night, these two guys just made so much money, mainly Floyd, off a trash fight. Fans should get a refund and someone please let Jake know that his brother got dominated.

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