Texans’ Hopkins No Show At Practice Over Bob McNair’s Comments

A number of Houston Texans players considered walking out of the facility after comments by Texans owner Bob McNair, saying that “We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” when discussing players protesting the national anthem in a meeting which was published in an ESPN piece today. Star receiver DeAndre Hopkins was among those upset about the comments. He and other players left the facility, but all except Hopkins came back shortly after speaking to the coaching staff. When asked about why Hopkins was not at practice later that day, Texans coach Bill O’Brien had this to say via Ian Rapoport:

Now come on, we all understand that it wasn’t a personal day, and this comment is pretty scathing. Comparing the players to inmates?? I get if you don’t agree with what the players are doing, but the players have the right to do what they want during the anthem, as it only is suggested that you should be on the field standing during the anthem in the NFL rules. I’m not a big fan of kneeling or sitting during the anthem either, but to compare the NFL is a prison just shows that some owners aren’t even remotely concerned about the players’ point of view, or their reasons for doing what they do during the anthem.

The comments sparked a lot of reaction from all over, who voiced their opinions over social media. One interesting one in particular comes from Texans rookie safety Treston Decoud, who had this to say on Twiiter:

who knows? Maybe he isn’t, and this could be the foot in the door that opens up a whole mess of comments like these from owners around the league. I’m not going to say this is on the Donald Sterling race level of stupidity, but McNair is certainly in some hot water after telling the world how he really felt about these protests.  He tried to save face by posting this apology through Texans PR on Twitter:

What do you think? Is McNair going to be shown the door after these comments? Or are the players overreacting to a “figure of speech” as McNair puts it in his apology? Let us know in the comments below.

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