Terry Bradshaw May Be A Clown, But Is He Right About Aaron Rodgers?

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Let’s just catch you all up to speed.
Aaron Rodgers is beyond frustrated with the Green Bay Packers. He either wants a new contract for a boatload of money or sent packing to a team that appreciates his MVP caliber skills level. He is not feeling the ‘love’ in Green Bay right now or for the past year or so, ever since the new regime drafted a quarterback and appeared to be slowly moving him out the door. Obviously ridiculous when you consider everything he has done for the team and STILL does for the team, as we just saw a few months ago…but still. That is where things stand. Rodgers wants out or a bunch of changes to pat him on the head to say it’ll be okay.

Everybody has chimed in on the matter, and the latest is football legend and current FOX hired clown Terry Bradshaw.

I believe he also called Rodgers ‘weak’ in a previous interview, and Bradshaw now sees himself in the spotlight going on different shows to speak his mind. I guess mission accomplished on his part? He wanted attention, and he has it. Congrats. I don’t think I need to mention him being the laughing stock punchline every Sunday on the FOX Pre-Game Kickoff Show. No more dignity or credibility left for his football takes so why not take millions to play the fool? He does it without any effort…

Yeah. I think I rest my case on whatever the heck Bradshaw is trying to gather here with his ‘credibility’ as a former Super Bowl champion QB. However, I am about to pull an M. Night twist on you, so you know what the best part of this whole fiasco is?

Terry Bradshaw is…kinda right.

Make no mistake, I go to him for my laughs and to see his bare backside in the classic movie Failure To Launch. An absolutely amazing Academy Award winning performance I must admit. In the case of Rodgers though, there is truth to his words. The Packers should be looking out for the Packers. I saw that posted elsewhere – the team should be drafted for the TEAM. Not for one singular player. Rodgers has always had a little prima-dona swagger to him. Nothing new there. Us in Wisconsin are well aware of some of his post-game comments or antics on the field always blaming others for a bad play.

We have seen that and know it all too well. Just as this recent trade demand or rift or whatever this is – for the story to come out on 2021 NFL Draft night and all that noise about wanting to accept a deal to the 49ers or wanting the General Manager gone or being upset about your wide receiver buddy being let go, none of that makes Rodgers look too good if you ask me. He may have his logic and carry weight within the organization, but they didn’t do any of this for Brett FREAKIN’ Favre! if they didn’t do anything to keep Favre happy, sorry Rodgers – it won’t happen in your case either. 

Bottom line. Forget Terry Bradshaw. He said some controversial comments and will milk this publicity now for all of its’ worth. In a few days, he will be back in obscurity until his red nose is put on for the FOX show in September. What we all care about here is Aaron Rodgers and his playing future. The retirement bluff is just that – a bluff. He will be on the football field in 2021; we all know that. Will it be for the Raiders? Broncos? Packers? I have no idea. There is so much blame to go around right now between the team and the player that I hope they can find a middle ground and fight for one more Super Bowl. Not go out on yet another heartbreaking NFC Championship loss at home.

Not how a legendary Packers quarterback wants to leave town…again…

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