Terrible Luck Trevor Is Officially Over… Vegas Update – @SpaceGhostChedd Didn’t Get A Fortune In His Fortune Cookie

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Well… what a start to the vacation.

I can admit that I’m officially over Terrible Luck Trevor. The saying is done. Remember the Bad Luck Brian memes?

Well.. Another one was Terrible Luck Trevor.

Although I wasn’t a viral meme. It was clear. People I know would hint that I’ve got terrible luck. Every team I cheer for would lose, stupid stuff would happen. But now? I can prove it’s over.

I won $10,000. Detroit Lions won two games in a row. I was on the news. And…. Our guy Rob?.. Not the lawyer the one that’s with me in Vegas, Chedd?

He’s like seven foot tall and runs when he walks.

Besides that he literally just took over the bad luck that I’ve had. I ordered some Panda Express with Uber Eats… We both got a fortune cookie. I tossed him his. We went on Twitter live and……

As you can see from above he didn’t even get a damn fortune in his cookie! Hahahahaaha! What a joke.

He also is a Detroit Lions fan, that bad luck better not transfer over. My cookie was the best.

“Soon You Will Get The Recognition You Deserve”

Anything better than that?

I don’t think so.

Time to get drunk!

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