Tennessee Football was Handing Recruits Cash Inside of McDonald’s Bags

My goodness, look what happens to a program when you don’t hire Greg Schiano. Right down the freaking tubes. McDonald’s bags?!?!? Do better.

In 2019 Tennessee football brought in $143 million dollars in revenue. $143 Million. And they’re still using McDonald’s bags. You couldn’t have invested in some duffle bags? Hell why not a freaking zip-lock. Do you think the players were annoyed when their illegal payments reeked of McRibs and Shamrock Shakes?

The MVP of this story has to be the McDonalds worker who was dishing out hundreds of empty bags to recruiters on a weekly basis. Having to keep a crippling secret for a historic football program has gotta be the most high-profile task ever assigned to a McDonald’s worker, right? How do you think they did the drops? Did Pruitt order a small order of fries, and just request that it came with 65 extra bags, or did they meet in an alley somewhere?

There had to be at least a few recruits that were slightly disappointed that there was no actual McDonalds in the bag. I don’t know about you but I’d take a Big Mac over a bag of thousands of dollars any day.

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