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Tana Mongeau Eclipses 20 Million Followers On Social Media! @tanamongeau

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As we have discussed in several different t blogs, Tana Mongeau’s 2021 was astronomical to say the least in regards to the growth of her brand. Tana is without question the modern Los Angeles entrepreneur and seems to have her had in a variety of industries, which is quite impressive considering she is only 23 years old.

Just recently, Tana eclipsed over 20 million followers between her Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok accounts. Out of the four major platforms, Tana has the most on her TikTok account with 7.4M. She also has 5.7M on Instagram, 5.45M on YouTube, and 2.4M on Twitter.

To put that in perspective, that staggering 20 million is equivalent to 6 percent of the United States population.

So what what draws all of these subscribers and followers to her social media platforms? You can see why below.

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