Tana Jonas? | A Jonas Brother… Frankie Jonas Gets Tana Mongeau Tattooed Onto Him? | @FrankieJonas @tanamongeau

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Woah, woah, woah! What’s going on?

Tana Mongeau posted on Twitter that one of the Jonas brothers got her name tattooed onto him? How wild.

The brother is Frankie Jonas.

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Crazy. I mean, it’s a Jonas BRO… So who knows what they’re up to. Seems like I haven’t heard about them in a minute. But whenever you do it’s something that’s pretty wild.

Welcome to 2020. Getting Tana Mongeau tattooed onto you? Sounds fun.

Tana seems into it. She’s down:

Tana Jonas?

She posted the picture that was used on his TikTok.

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