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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady Is Upset With The NFL’s New Uniform Number Rule

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While the entire internet and most of the NFL’s players were rejoicing in the NFL’s new rule to allow more flexibility to players when choosing a number to wear. However the Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady took his opinion to the internet, and boy howdy does he not seem to be a fan of this even in the slightest.

Brady posted several pictures on his IG story showing his extreme distaste in this new rule.

Now I know I am nowhere near the caliber of the GOAT, but I have to think that Tom is over reacting here. I mean think about it all this way, in college players can essentially wear any number that they please. Jadeveon Clowney wore the number 7 at South Carolina and those SEC quarterbacks seemed to be able to easily identify the behemoth of a man that Clowney is. I take this “outrage” by Brady with a grain of salt. He’s the best quarterback to ever play the game and I doubt some numbers on uniforms being changed will ever stop that.

When it comes down to the basic of why Tom is mad I really do believe that it’s just him being a full on football guy. He respects the sanctity of the sport way to much to just go out and allow the NFL to do this without him putting in his two cents. This also could stem from the fact that many NFL players won’t even mention the opposition by name but only by their number. Maybe Tom Brady is too much of a football guy to be able to try and change his brain around to fully understand that it’s just a dang number. The positions all stay the same there is just going to be a slight numerical difference on the program before the game. Will these new number change rules be the ultimate downfall of Tom Brady? Doubtful but it would make for one hilarious story.

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