Taking You Into The Weekend With Goku Schooling Nappa

Recently I’ve been watching a ton of Dragon Ball Z (I mean we kinda are in a quarantine right now so I caved and got a Funimation account) and back in the day I mostly just watched the dub because that was what they showed back in the day. However, now I realize just how fucking awesome the subs are. The dialogue and Shunsuke Kikuchi’s music create such a tense atmosphere.
The Saiyan Saga is THE classic Dragon Ball Z saga, and this ranks among the top moments. Goku landing on Earth after training in Other World with King Kai after he was killed by his Saiyan brother Raditz, finding out Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, and Chiaotzu were murdered by Nappa and Vegeta, everything was on the line. And Goku knew this.
So he fucking trashes Nappa both physically and mentally. So much so that Vegeta has to pull Nappa out like a pitcher who surrendered 10 runs in the first inning. They tease the Kaioken technique, which we hadn’t seen at this point, with Goku mentioning he may not even have to use it. This gets Vegeta curious but pisses Nappa off. Sure enough though, he uses it to end Nappa without killing him. Paralyzing him. Brutal. Then Goku just throws Nappa’s bitch ass on the ground in front of Vegeta. Message sent.

Use this as motivation to trash some people in Warzone, Smash Bros (got a WIFI tourney myself tomorrow), Dragon Ball Fighterz, or anything really this weekend. Perfect time to do it.

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Taking You Into The Weekend With Goku Schooling Nappa
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