Taj Gibson is Going To Fight Trae Young And I Am Here For It

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Trae Young is the most annoying NBA player in the league and it is not even close. To quote Steve Nash the way he plays basketball is not basketball looking for fouls and just throwing up shots. If this was the 90s Trae Young would have no chance of playing back then they would have killed him. The Steph Curry and Trae Young comparisons are terrible as well to quote Charles Barkley “they only thing those two have in common are they are both black.”

Say what you want about Taj but he is the embodiment of what the Knicks are tough nose, gritty and grimy. All the homies love Taj Gibson. But some respect on these veterans name because Gibson will punch you in the face and won’t think twice. I also wish the worst for Trae Young I really do.

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