Sweep The Dusty Out of Washington

Dusty Baker has been well-known in the MLB ever since 1968. Baker was a player for 19 years, playing for teams such as the Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and Oakland Athletics.

In his career playing for the Dodgers, Dusty Baker made his name well-known as a player grabbing a lot of awards. Baker was a Gold Glove winner, Silver Slugger, NLCS MVP, all in 1981 when L.A. won the World Series.

Baker played Outfield in the MLB for 19 years, playing from 1968-1986.

After his retirement, Baker wanted to stay within the MLB, so he decided to try to be a manager. In 1993 Baker became a manager for a familiar team that he played for in 1984, the San Francisco Giants.

He coached the Giants for 10 years before moving to the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds for his next 10 years coaching.

These past two years Baker has been a coach of the Washington Nationals.

Baker has been known to be a great coach in the regular season, winning manager of the year three times, but when it comes to the postseason… Well that’s another story.

Dusty Baker’s Record as a manager in the regular season is 1863 wins and 1636 loses. This equals a 53.2 win percentage as a manager in the MLB. As far as the postseason goes, Baker has only led one team to a pennant and that team was the 2002 San Fransisco Giants.

Recently, while coaching the Nationals, Baker has not been able to lead them to a postseason series win in the two years he has been there.

This led to the Nationals firing Baker. As of now, Baker will not be returning to be a manager in the MLB. This is unless a team hires him.

The Nationals were looking for something better from him.

Now they are just sweeping the Dust(y) out of Washington.

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