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SWE Fury TV Tapings Results 10/14/20: Tribute To Road Warrior Animal

SWE results from The Colony, Texas, USA 🇺🇸 at Lava Cantina on 10/14/20 on Title Match Network:

Teddy Long is the General Manager of the group. He came out to the ring to welcome the crowd. He said Animal was a good man whom he worked with many times over the years. He brought up being the manager of Doom in the NWA as they faced The Road Warriors. Animal was brought to SWE as “the enforcer” recently. There will be a Road Warriors Invitational Tournament to come.

Miranda Gordy came out to interrupt Long as he ran down the card. He left the ring to let her talk by herself. She said her opponent didn’t show up tonight because she’s scared. She said nobody can beat her for the SWE Women’s Title.

They showed a memorial video of Animal with all kinds of highlights of The Road Warriors matches over the decades from the NWA, AWA, WWF, and WCW. Jax Dane came out at the end and held up Animal’s spiked shoulder pads.

T-Ray pinned Chandler Hopkins with a roll up as Hopkins yelled at his own corner man Ryan Davidson for trying to interfere and allowed himself to be distracted.

SWE TV Champion Niles Plonk pinned Magnificent Malico by holding the tights when Michael Shafer rushed the ring and tried to attack Malico.

Alex Gracia pinned Jazmine Allure after the Pink Dream neck breaker. Brittani Nikole was doing guest commentary. She said she has her own wrestling company in New Orleans called Elev8 Pro Wrestling.

Warren G. and Zack Mason beat Dexter Hardaway and Michael Shafer by pinning Hardaway after a double team finisher. The Boogeyman came out afterwards to try to attack Hardaway and Shafer.

Lou Gotti pinned Jerome Daniel Griffey after countering a sleeper attempt while heel manager Nastico held Griffey’s feet down.

Tim Storm joined in on commentary for the battle royal. The winner gets a shot at his SWE Title.

Jax Dane won a #1 con. Battle Royal over Steve O’Reno, Brent McKenzie, Edge Stone, Michael Shafer, Bam Bam Malone, Adam Asher, Niles Plonk, Reggie Lincoln, Rob Horn, and Dyl Dempsey. McKenzie tried to suck up to Dane at the end by pulling Stone out of the ring and attacking him for the easy final elimination for Dane.

After the match, Teddy Long came out to give Dane an Animal t-shirt. Dane said Animal was part of the greatest tag team ever. He said when he first met him, he didn’t expect him to become a friend and mentor.

Dane and Tim Storm had a face to face in the ring. Dane then surprised the crowd by announcing he didn’t want to win the match with McKenzie’s help that way and would relinquish the title opportunity. He gave the shot to Edge Stone and called him the rightful winner.

Will Allday pinned Cam Cole after a reverse snap hurricanrana followed up by a super kick in a #1 con. match for the SWE TV Title. Really good match. Both men have potential to be stars in the big leagues one day.

Vert Vixen and Evelyn Carter beat Christi Jaynes and Myka Madrid when Vixen pinned Jaynes after a missile drop kick. Madrid was dumped to the outside and unable to make the save.

Brent McKenzie pinned Rob Horn after a spinning sidewalk slam.

Action Jackson went to a double disqualification brawl with Andrew Anderson.

SWE Tag Team Champions Rodney Mack and Jaykus beat Moonshine Mantell and Max Castellanos when Jaykus pinned Mantell after a lariat when Castellanos accidentally collided into Mantel. After the match, Mantell and Castellanos blamed each other for the loss and fought all over the venue. Castellanos left Mantell laying after slamming him on a chair in the ring.

Dale Springs pinned Corvis to win the ”held up” Elev8 Uprising Title. Elev8 is the New Orleans company that Brittani Nikole owns.

Ryan Davidson pinned Jaxson Stone with a roll up and held the tights but the cameras didn’t show it. Chandler Hopkins was in the corner of Davidson but he refused to interfere.

Christi Jaynes pinned Vert Vixen after a lionsault when Vixen missed the missile dropkick.

Will Allday beat SWE TV Champion Niles Plonk by disqualification when Plonk used the referee as a shield in the corner and Allday accidentally collided into him. After the match, Cam Cole ran out with a chair to save Allday from Plonk. It was a set up. Cole hit Allday from behind with the chair then sandwiched his leg between the chair and stomped on it.

The Heart Throb Jayden pinned Steve O Reno after a high kick. Jayden is the son-in-law of Road Warrior Animal. He wore Road Warrior face paint and did a few moves like Animal used to do like a flying shoulder tackle and elbow smash.

Brent McKenzie joined in on commentary for the title match.

SWE Champion Tim Storm pinned Edge Stone with The Perfect Storm.

Teddy Long came out to talk to the announcers about SWE Women’s Champion Miranda Gordy. He said she will defend her title no matter what because he’s the one in charge. He said he was disappointed in her change of attitude with the fans. Then he announced the main event will be an 8-man tag and prided himself on making tag matches.

Bam Bam Malone pinned Nobe Bryant after a TKO.

Brent McKenzie pinned Adam Asher after a knockout punch when McKenzie’s CPS heel security team got on the ring to cause a distraction.

Jax Dane pinned T-Ray after a lariat.

SWE Women’s Champion Miranda Gordy beat Alex Gracia by short-arm scissors submission. Gordy refused to break the hold after the match and shoved down the referee. Christi Jaynes and Myka Madrid ran out and made the save. Jaynes and Gordy had a face off but it didn’t get physical.

Warren G., Zack Mason, Moonshine Mantell, and Magnificent Malico beat Rodney Mack, Jaykus, Max Castellano, and Michael Safer when Malico pinned Shafer as The Boogyman got on the ring with his worms to cause a distraction as the referee was trying to break up the other members of the teams fighting outside the ring.

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