Sway House’s Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson invest in Youth Sports Network SportsHi

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Josh Richards, 19, and Griffin Johnson, 22, have recently invested in SportsHi, a social network connecting high school students to colleges and scholarships!

As part of the deal, Richards and Johnson will commit $20,000 of scholarship money this year to underserved students. SportsHi has already partnered with professional athletes Andre Drummond, Santia Deck and Cierra Burdick to provide scholarships to students in need.

SportsHi was founded in 2018 with a focus to increase student participation in high school sports. SportsHi has over 6,000 high schools on the SportsHi app and is helping 100+ colleges with their recruitment (including Brown, Penn State, and Dartmouth). All-female investment group 37 Angels led SportsHi’s recent seed round in 2020.

“I’m excited to invest in a company that is making it easier for students to further their education,” Richards said. “With this app, my hope is that more young people will have an opportunity to pursue their academic goals.” 

The app allows students to communicate and share content while also streamlining how they connect with colleges and scholarship opportunities. 

“Our mission is to become the LinkedIn of youth and collegiate sports,” said Alexander Miles, CEO of SportsHi. “Today’s youth is influenced by technology and social networks. SportsHi leverages that interest to encourage students to participate in sports and understand the educational benefits.”

SportsHi, a New York-based company, has raised over $1.1 million to date including lead investment from an all-female group 37 Angels.

“If a student participates in high school sports, they double their chances of applying to college. SportsHi breaks down the social and financial barriers for students to access sports. By providing a free platform we have created a highly engaged and diverse following, where 60% of our students are female and 75% represent the BIPOC community.”

Richards and Johnson continue to shock me with what they’re doing. It seems like everyday they’re in the news for something good and they have been investing in multiple companies recently. But giving back to Youth Sports along with investing at the same time makes sense for both of them.

You can click here to check out SportsHi!

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