Sway Boys Are Buying Part Of Sillybandz, Yep, Those Things We Played With As A Kid!

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Every week it seems like The Sway Boys who are a group of popular TikTokers are making big announcements. Earlier today we announced they’ve invested in a youth sports network, Sportshi! But that wasn’t the only move that they were announcing today.

Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Griffin Johnson, Blake Gray and Josh Richards ‒ are all in their late teens and early 20s have announced they’re going to be buying part of SillyBandz!

Yep! Those things that everyone played with as a child.

“This is just our first stake in a company Gen Zers love,” said 22-year-old Sway Boys co-founder Michael Gruen. “We’re building and we’re trailblazing and through our proven investment process we’re creating the first social media billionaires.” 

“When I was in 2nd grade, I used to go to the playground during recess and open up ‘Blake’s Sillybandz shop’ where I would barter for other Sillybandz,” said fellow Sway Boy Blake Gray, age 20. “Never in a million years did I think I would eventually own a part of the company and be tasked with reviving the brand.”

The Sway Boys will reportedly own 30% of Sillybandz.

Talk about a smart investment. Things tend to come back. Sillybandz are one of the most popular companies that hasn’t made a big comeback yet. But if and when it does these young TikTokers will be sure to take advantage of it.

They’ll be able to bring it back very easily by promoting it to fans!

“We voraciously want to ‒ and will ‒ bring back Sillybandz to where it once was,” Sway Boys co-founder Gruen said. With the big TikTok faces behind the company now, they’ll be sure to bring it back!

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