Suspect in Los Angeles Deputy Ambush Shooting Has Been Arrested and Charged

A suspect has been arrested and charged for the Los Angeles ambush shooting in which involved two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) deputies last September.

36-year-old Deonte Lee Murray, of suburb Compton, was arrested a couple weeks ago, and has been put on charges for two counts of willful, premeditated murder, and possession of a firearm.

Murray was caught on surveillance video back on September 12 for walking up to a police car and shot the two officers in the head before running away. Both officers have been released from the hospital during that timeframe and are both recovering at home.

Murray was also arrested and charged earlier this month for his involvement in felony carjacking and attempted murder.

He also has been reported to have a vast criminal history which includes the charges of sales and possession of narcotics, firearm possession, receiving stolen property, burglary and terrorist threats.‘s Joe Kinsey said Los Angeles Homicide Bureau Captain Kent Wegener was asked about a potential motive and said, ‘other than the fact that he obviously hates policemen and wants them dead, not specifically.’

Murray is currently being held on an over $6 million bail bond.

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