Student Athlete Becomes Human Shish Kabob After Pole Vault Gone Wrong

There are two types of people who should be scared to pole vault: People afraid of heights and all men.

If you’re a man who isn’t scared of pole vaulting, then might I suggest you speak to 21-year-old Zach McWhorter.

Zach is an athlete and student at BYU and was training on the pole vault when things went horribly wrong.

His pole didn’t fall the way it was supposed to, and he landed on it balls first. The pole impaled his testicles, and by his own account, he could see right into his scrotum.

Fortunately, it was caught on video so you can join me in wincing through the footage. You may want to consider an emotional support animal as you identify the moment in the video where Zach looks like a human shish kabob.

Zach was rushed to the hospital by his dad, who must’ve been horrified for a multitude of reasons, and the wound required 18 stitches.

He was left with a scar from the incident but no permanent damage.

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