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Stu Feiner, 58, Is Training To Fight During Super Bowl Weekend At Barstool Sports PPV Event Rough N Rowdy Also Plans To Reach Out To Conor McGregor | @StuSource @roughnrowdy

Stu Feiner, 58 years old, might be one of the loudest people in the World and is an awesome fit at Barstool Sports but he’s ready to take his loudness up a notch and is planning on fight at Barstool’s Rough N Rowdy during Super Bowl weekend.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy

isn’t 100% sure that Stu will be cleared to fight, as there are a lot of steps to the process, but claims that if Stu is planing to fight he needs to start training right now.

“How many seats am I allowed? I’m going to bring 100 people. I’m fighting, half the people think I’m going to die! My wife said she is divorcing me.” – Stu

According to Stu, his original plan was to fight the bagel boss guy, but he backed out. Stu is also planing on reaching out to Conor McGregor as they follow each other on Twitter, and McGregor has replied in the past. His plan is to get McGregor to train him or else to just be in his corner.

Stool Scenes Episode #229 is the episode when Stu talks about being done smoking weed until after he is done training and that he can’t talk about what he’s training for.

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