Stormy Daniels Says Ben Roethlisberger “Pressured Her Into Goodnight Kiss” As She Was Terrified

Well Donand Trump, you’re not alone. You’re not the only person Stormy Daniels mentioned in her new book. Now she’s coming at QB Ben Roethlisberger. And she was terrified when he asked for a goodnight kiss.

“Daniels says she saw Trump the next day after they had sex when he invited her to a club in the VIP section of a golf course (it was in a club at her hotel). This of happened at Lake Tahoe in 2006.

That is where she met Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, she says.

He was chatting with Trump, and at the end of the night Trump asked Roethlisberger to walk her up to her hotel room.

She says he asked her for a “good night kiss.”

She refused.

She says he pushed lightly on her door as they stood outside her hotel room.

“I was terrified. I am rarely terrified,” Daniels wrote, saying Roethlisberger responded, saying “Come on.’”

She closed the door and writes that Roethlisberger “stood outside, not leaving” while knocking at her door for several minutes but eventually left.

It’s not the first time Ben “allegedly” acted inappropriately with women in Lake Tahoe.

You might remember in 2008, a woman claimed the NFL player raped her at the Harrahs Hotel during a celebrity golf tournament.

By why just now come out about this?

Like cmon, who the hell is going to actually buy this book unless you put all of this? No one.

From what it seems Ben hasn’t talked about this yet, let’s see if the media asks him throughout the week!

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