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Stoolies Unite! Sky Sport Breakers CEO Matt Walsh Announces They Will Donate $1 For Every New Follower They Gain This Week Up To $100k In Efforts to Help The Barstool Fund! | @mattyvincent44 @stoolpresidente @NZBreakers

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Another huge potential donation is coming into the Barstool fund this week with the help of Stoolies! Matt Walsh the CEO and Managing Partner for the Sky Sport Breakers announces for every new follower they will donate a $1 this week up to $100k in efforts to help the Barstool Fund to save small businesses!

Now this is huge news and this goal will be smashed! I would not be surprised if they gain 100,000 followers by the end of the night that is just how crazy Stoolies are and the Barstool Fund has proven to be more effective than even our government so I know the fund will be getting the full $100,000 donation to the fund which is an awesome donation and we hopefully we will see other large contributions for other professional sports organization because I think as it stands the Sky Box Breakers and the Utah Jazz are they only two professional sports teams to donate to the fund! Lets run up the follows and get this $100k for the Fund Stoolies!

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