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Stoolies Are Saving Small Businesses | $16,000,000 Raised From Over 124,000 Stoolies |

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Dave Portnoy is a genius. I’ve made that clear a millions times. The guy always has something up his sleeve. And what he’s doing right now for small businesses is amazing.

But what people aren’t realizing is that also people like you and I, Stoolies, are the one’s getting The Barstool Fund to the next level. Barstool has created this awesome environment with the fans and right now they’re really pushing The Barstool Fund.

The Barstool Fund is a fund created where you, I, anyone can donate to help save small businesses. Although there have been many big named celebrities and athletes who’ve donated large amounts of funds, Stoolies are pushing this.

Dave came up with the idea after he was challenged by Marcus Lemonis to put his money where his mouth is. Since, Dave has done that and much more.

The reaction of the business owners are just what you’d expect and tugs at the heart.

So far over 124,000 people have donated to The Barstool Fund. Dave and his team are doing a lot of hard work and it’s paying off. 124,000 people want to help save small businesses.

What a great move by everyone!

Now not all of the people who donated followed Barstool before hand, but they will be now.

2021 is going to be a huge year for Barstool. This isn’t stopping. $16M raised already? I can see it hitting $20M by Monday.

Happy New Year!


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