SteveWillDoIt Gives Back To Homeless Veteran Gerald Hudson – Help Gerald Land A Job In New York, Do You Own A Business? @stevewilldoit

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Steve Deleonardis who goes by SteveWillDoIt on social media and YouTube might have edgy content but there is something that I’ve noticed about Steve, he’s not scared to give back.

He has been giving back already by helping pay for peoples lawyers when they’re in legal trouble because of marijuana. He even recently sold a t-shirt where all the proceeds would be used for giving back to pay for lawyers for people who need it.

When Steve was recently in New York he decided to give back. There was a homeless veteran who Steve noticed and got him a hotel room for a week, food, clothes, and much more to keep him on his feet.

This vet that he helped also had an image shared of him on Reddit which is below, that talked about how he was a homeless vet and was forgotten by the military.

Steve didn’t know about the Reddit post at the time obviously but decided to put t he homeless Vietnam vet, Gerald Hudson to a test by saying that if he didn’t trash the hotel room or smoke in it that he’d extend the stay for him. Which is just an awesome move by Steve. It proves that even though Steve has been known for his hardcore content, he gives back. Steve has a huge heart and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

I don’t want to say this, but YouTube hates Steve and even removed him from their program to earn money. Although he brings in MILLIONS of views, I question, how many homeless people did YouTube help out?

I get that YouTube has helped people create a career but do they go up to random homeless people and get them on there feet? No. Steve does though.

Today Steve bought Gerald a new cell phone today and is looking to help land Gerald a job. If you own a business in New York and are looking for a hardworking veteran please contact Steve on social media.

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