Stephen A. Smith Says JR Smith Wearing A Hoodie Could Give Trayvon Martin Flashbacks?

Every day you watch the craziness that is Stephen A. Smith, you think you’ve finally heard it all. He will say anything and everything in the most creative and interesting ways, but this newest comment takes the cake. Watch the video below to see Stephen A. in prime form on his radio show:

Really Stephen A.? There is absolutely, 1000% no connection between a warmup with a hoodie, and the killing of Trayvon Martin. Personally, I think he looks a little more like Kenny from South Park, but that’s just me:

PC: Bleacher Report

Next we’ll hear him say that all hoodies need to be banned and we will have “Hoody Free Zones” in big cities. My goodness, Stephen A. has hit a new low with this one. Next we will hear Trump’s comments from Twitter on this pressing issue I’m sure, and I will certainly update the article when those come.

Sports are the one place where politics, race, and all the other problems in the world go away for a few hours, and we get to watch the best of the best perform at the highest level. We don’t need to hear about these issues every second of every day, but clearly Stephen A. thinks otherwise. It seems like every day someone from the ESPN crew seems to shoot themselves in the foot, and this is just another toe blown off by the preposterous words of Stephen A.

I claimed that ESPN was starting the beginning of the end when they kicked off Barstool Sports, and I think this is another step in the wrong direction for another star of the dying network. What do you think? Can ESPN recover from these ridiculous statements, or are they just blind to what the people really want from sports and their newscasters? Let us know in the comments below.

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