Stephen A. Smith Finally Makes a Good Point About MMA

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You know in the last year Stephen A. Smith has said some pretty dumb shit regarding MMA, most notably that he doesn’t enjoy watching women’s MMA. You know, cause who actually enjoys watching the Valentina Shevchenko’s and the Amanda Nunes’ of the world. Its always boring am I right? Oof, all time bad take. I digress. Look at what he said on First Take today.

“Plus, I’m not an expert like idiots out there try to accuse me of pretending that I’m being just because I’m commenting. No, I’m a fan. I’m not an expert on the UFC. I didn’t start watching until a few years ago.”

Stephen A. Smith on First Take

Ah, finally a refreshing Stephen A. quote. “I’m not an expert.” Isn’t that orgasmic? Don’t get me wrong, every person who’s heard Smith talk for MMA for anything over two seconds realizes this fact quickly, but there’s just something pornographic about hearing him say it. I’m thinking about looping the audio and making it my new ringtone. The only downside is that I’d run the risk of ejaculation every time I hear it.

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