Stephen A. Smith Calls Donovan Mitchell The Best Player In Utah Jazz History; Are Karl Malone’s Feelings Hurt?

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Stephen A. Smith had a bold take on ‘Get-Up’ earlier today saying that he doesn’t want to hear about Karl Malone or John Stockton because Donovan Mitchell is the best player in the history of Utahs organization. Mitchell certainly is a great young star but I don’t know if you can say that he has had more impact on the Utah Jazz organization over both Stockton and Malone.

Until Donovan makes multiple NBA Finals than you will be able to say he is the best player in the Jazz’s history. But until than this is not a correct take. In Mitchell’s defense he may be on his way to the NBA Finals as Utah looks like the best team in the Western Conference.

I wonder how Karl Malone and John Stockton feel about this take, I am sure they do not care, but to say a player that has been in the league for three or four years is a best player the organization has ever had seems like a stretch. I feel as though a more fair take would have been ‘Donovan Mitchell is the most loved player in Utah Jazz history.’ Time will tell if Mitchell goes down as the best player in Jazz history I think he has a fair shot but it certainly too earlier to cement this fact.

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