Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin are going to have the greatest debates of all time

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Oh my god. Michael Irvin made his First Take debut today, and his first segment with Stephen A. was complete fireworks. They debated about the Cowboys and Dak (no surprise here), and it devolved into a complete screaming match within about 15 seconds. Check it out.

My favorite part about this one is Stehen A. telling Michael to calm down as if they both won’t be screaming their lungs out over the entire show. Whenever these two are together we’re just gonna have to turn the volume way down on the TV because there’s a 100% chance of boisterous screaming within two seconds of the show starting. It won’t even matter what the topic is, they could have them debate which drug was Michael’s favorite in the 90s, and they’d still find a way to scream about it.

With these two together, I really think ESPN is gonna have to implement some sort of injured reserve program for their TV personalities. There’s just no way the two of them stay healthy for an entire year when they’re gonna have their blood boiling every morning for five days a week. Seriously, would any of us be surprised if one of them got so mad after a Cowboys game that they had a stroke on set? ESPN really needs to look out for these dudes.

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