Steph Curry’s Reaction To Being Called Wardell is Hilarious

Steph Curry’s reaction to being called Wardell is on Snoop Dogg level of him saying who on The Breakfast Club. You have to listen to the actual question because it may be the worst question a reporter can ask “Why is Kelly (Oubre) such a good put back dunker?” Like what does that even mean? Just say you wanted to call Steph Curry Wardell and move on with your day.

I don’t know how this reporters get these jobs and then ask these ridiculous questions. Steph’s reaction could quite possible came from the stupid question that he just got asked.

Some professional sports organization has to get in touch with us here at ProSportsExtra to either being beat reporters for their teams or give us some form of press credentials. Seriously someone needs to get in contact with us ASAP. I know I can speak for all us of at PSE when I say we would love that opportunity.

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