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Steelers Fans Take Over StubHub Center, Making it Look Like Pittsburgh West (Video)

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Last night on Sunday Night Football, the Pittsburgh Steelers won over the Los Angeles Chargers 24-17, but the main storyline may have occurred in the stands of StubHub Center. 

We all know that Steelers fans usually travel well. 

And it showed as the stadium was, according to NBC play-by-guy announcer Al Michaels, it may have filled up with 75% Steelers fans in attendance. It’s currently being used as the Chargers’ home field. 

The video above was before the game started as the Steelers came out of their tunnel. 

This maybe what happens when a team with a good traveling fanbase can do, especially to a small stadium or team tanking on the season. 

It’s also not a great look if you’re a Chargers fan or player being in the L.A. areas. 

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