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STARDOM Results 7/11/20

STARDOM results from Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 7/11/20. This show is a mystery card. It will air on STARDOM World within a few days:

Jungle Kyona and Konami beat Death Yama-san and Rina when Konami submitted Rina to the Triangle Lancer is 7:04.

Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani beat Tam Nakano and Saya Iida when Hayashishita pinned Iida with a German Suplex in 13:32.

Syuri beat Starlight Kid by submission with the Suzaku in 10:19.

Mayu Iwatani and Riho beat Momo Watanabe and AZM when Iwatani submitted AZM to a Dragon Sleeper in 13:27.

Natsuko Tora, Saki Kashima, and Sumire Natsu beat Giulia, Himeka, and Maika when Kashima pinned Giulia with the Revival in 20:35. After the match, Kashima said they wanted a title shot at the Artists of STARDOM Titles held by Giulia, Syuri, and Maika.

They will have another mystery show tomorrow back at Shinkiba 1st Ring.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for sending in the results.

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