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Star Tribune Lists ‘Anthony Barr Injuring Aaron Rodgers’ as One of Their Top 5 Sports Moments of the Decade

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A little insight for you all; I am a born Wisconsinite now living in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. I know, I chose this area to get a job and live, that’s totally my decision. I don’t factor sports into the reason why I chose an area to build a career, it’s only minor. One of the biggest publications out of the state of Minnesota is the Star Tribune, primarily serving the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro, as well as the Upper Midwest. That being said, this newspaper will carry the professional sports teams of the North Star State, being the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Wild, Minnesota United FC, and the Minnesota Vikings. The Star Tribune does feature Minnesota Gopher coverage, which for me is fine, since I’m a big P.J. Fleck fan oddly enough.

I came across this tweet on Twitter and had to verify for it in order to be true. This was the tweet:

I’m with you Aiden, imagine being as shallow as a Minnesota sports fan and listing “injuring a professional athlete” as one of their top sports moments of the decade.

I don’t get what people have against Aaron Rodgers. For those fans who only watch football on Sundays, they see the Aaron Rodgers that the media wants you to perceive him to be – easily frustrated when things go wrong, or arguing with any of his coaches on the sideline

. Is it because the Packers have something that your team doesn’t? A talented quarterback who can prove it in primetime games? A quarterback who is more than capable of leading a two-minute offense down the field to win the big game? A quarterback who will play on one leg, sacrifice himself for the sake of the team, just so the team can have success?

Shame on the Star Tribune for including that play as one of their plays of the decade. Injuries are bad for any franchise – whether if it’s Matthew Stafford who has missed a good chunk of this season due to an injury or even Dalvin Cook, who has had injuries in the past too. These men are humans too, where lives can be changed in a matter of moments, even when they are putting their bodies on the line to entertain all of us. Speaks volumes of the kind of man that Michael Rand is. Someone better do a thorough background check on this guy too while we are at it.

This is simply fuel to the fire. Purple is the color of choke – I hope the Minnesota Vikings organization continues to underachieve and waste years of spending on “talent” that fails their organizations year in and year out – enjoy your first-round exit next week. -WGL

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From America's Dairyland, now in the Land of 10,000 Lakes & the Twin Cities Metro. Real-life Desktop Support Technician. Milwaukee Brewers & Green Bay Packers Diehard. Fan of the #RowTheBoat Mantra.

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