Stafford Wouldn’t Have Been Injured If The NFL Had Correctly Called Marvin Jones Catch #OnePride

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The Detroit Lions game isn’t even done yet, but it more than likely is. I had to jump on here and tell you how sickening the NFL officiating is and the review system.

Everyone, including Green Bay Packer fans know that Marvin Jones catch was an actual grab. And the NFL completely went and screwed him.

Oh… but guess what… somehow the NFL decides that it isn’t a catch.

Then Matthew Stafford a couple plays later had to put his body on the line and ended up getting injured. Honestly… FUCK YOU to the NFL. I’m sick of watching the same shit every time that Detroit plays Green Bay because the NFL officiating SUCKS!

Detroit should have already had punched in a touchdown minutes before. But instead Stafford ends up probably having to call it a season.

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