Sports betting and online casinos boost NFL profits

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Sports betting and casinos have always been taboo subjects in the United States. Any activity related to the chance of the outcome is practically forbidden. Only Vegas had the right to casinos and gambling. But, times are changing and many countries are dropping the gambling taboo.

That is why the U.S. Congress decided to repeal the law prohibiting gambling. This law had been in force for more than 20 years. Sports leagues have taken advantage of this new reality and are looking to generate more economic income, including the NFL.

The NFL has a relationship with casinos

The NFL is also betting on casinos. The American multinational sports channel, ESPN explains that the decision made by the Supreme Court will be very beneficial for all sports leagues.

The NFL is not lagging and is already moving to take advantage of this decision. According to NFL reports, 3 major casinos have partnered with the league.

DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Entertainment are the protagonists of this partnership. The idea is not only to increase the NFL’s economic profits, but they are also looking to increase audience levels.

The repeal of the law also allows online casinos to generate money with the NFL. That is the case with Zulabet Casino and other online casinos that have many NFL-themed games, along with bonuses and promotions related to soccer league seasons.

Because the United States is still battling the pandemic and social alienation is an ongoing reality, it is considered that the casino revenue will be very large. The NFL is fortunate in that it has not taken as big an economic hit as other sports leagues and with its current agreements, 2021 revenues may increase by as much as 50%.

NFL TV rights increase 50% thanks to casinos

The NFL has been experiencing a considerable decline in viewership in recent seasons. The largest average viewership was in 2015, with approximately 18.8 million. 

By 2022, the NFL’s contracts with ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Fox expire. Capturing as many viewers as possible and making financial gains is crucial. Although the NFL’s ratings have always been one of the highest and in some cases has been the highest.

But, as explained on Yahoo Finance, the NFL is not having as tough a time as other sports leagues. Rather, experts believe that 2021 will be a big year for the NFL.

This is due to the potential increase of up to 50% in television rights revenue. Thanks to the repeal of the 2018 sports betting law. It is now legal to bet on sports betting and although the NFL has always been against this way of generating money, things are currently changing.

Now the National Football League is looking to increase its profits from sports betting.

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