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Sporting Events in Italy Will Take Place Without Fans in the Stands Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has obviously been a hot topic this past month or so. The virus is especially prevalent in Italy. There have been over 3,000 confirmed cases in the country with over 100 dead due to the spread of the virus.

Italy has already ordered the closure of all schools and universities until at least March 15th to try and prevent further widespread of the disease.

Sporting events will still take place, however, there will not be any fans allowed to attend. This seems fine, as long as no players have any signs of the virus. Obviously if the virus isn’t present it will not be able to spread. Doctors have confirmed that this virus is spread through contact and is not airborne.

The empty stadium will be strange for the athletes, but it is necessary to contain the virus from spreading further as it has already taken too many lives.

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