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Spirit Airlines Allows Family Back on Flight After Being Booted Off First Due to Children Not Wearing Masks

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Some people and companies, they just never learn from their mistakes or idiocy.

In a tweet thread by Disclose.TV, a family northbound for New York was originally kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando just recently.

You can see in the tweet below, the flight attendant working the shift approached the family and told them they were not ‘complying’ and evicted the family due to their children (both under the age of five) not wearing masks while boarding the plane.

She even wanted to call the police on them for not complying to their ‘rules.’

It does however have a good follow-up story as the father did on camera that the airline has removed the flight attendant that originally warned the family and everyone moved back on the plane and get ready for takeoff to New York.

It’s understandable why some people have to fly back and forth either for business or recently, Spring Break, but this is horrible beyond recognition and is giving specific airlines a few bad looks.

My advice is to avoid traveling by plane unless it is absolutely necessary and if it is the only way to reach your destination in time. With rules and regulations that they are enforced right now, it is the best way to avoid confrontations like these.

Just like what happened in Las Vegas with the nonverbal autistic boy being kicked out on route to another city, airlines, like Spirit, continue to dig their own graves enforcing these rules under the guise of health and safety.

Stories like these make me enrage and it is best to avoid that stuff until it is okay to fly again without worry of the Coronavirus and its rules.

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