Spike Lee Says Knicks Owner James Dolan Is Harassing Him, Says He Won’t Return to MSG This Season | #SpikeLee

Knicks super-fan & legendary producer, Spike Lee & The Knicks organization had a dispute, last night before their game against the Houston Rockets. There was a viral video floating around the internet of security seemingly stopping Spike from entering the Garden. After some clarity is was confirmed that he wanted to enter through a certain area of the arena that he has been for the last 20+ years, but the Knicks are now making him enter through a different entrance. The Knicks released a statement saying they’re disappointed in Spike but said that he & James Dolan (Knicks owner) discusses the issue & shook hands after agreeing that he’d now enter through the team’s preferred entrance. Spike appeared on ESPN’s First Take, with Stephen A Smith & Max Kellerman, this morning to dispute those claims.

Watch all of the videos below & decide for yourself.

Knicks Statement :

Spike Lee on First Take Describing The Incident :

Spike Lee on First Take Saying James Dolan Has Been Harassing Him Recently :

Spike Lee Saying He Feels Stupid For Spending Around $10-Million on Knicks Tickets Throughout The Years :

Spike Lee on First Take Saying He Won’t Return To MSG This Season :

Decide for yourself…Is Spike wrong or is Knicks ownership in the wrong? Personally, Spike should be able to rent a private jet in Dolan’s name & have a security escort to the arena & enter through the team‘s locker room if he wishes. He’s stuck with that putrid organization throughout all the garbage they’ve put their fans through. The Knicks better wake up.

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