Spencer Taylor Releases Trailer For ‘The Death of Recess” – The Broken School System – @SpencerVYBES

If you’ve followed Logan Paul and watched his podcast ImPaulsive, Spencer Taylor was a long time co-host on the show until he went to pursue other things.

One of those things?

To help change the education system that we all know. The one that everyone knows is broken – but we are too scared to fix it.

Why are we too scared? What needs to be changed?

Why are we killing people who are creative? Teaching people how to be controlled?

I can’t wait for this to come out. Spencer is a creative mind and I’ve noticed I share a lot of the same values as he does. As well he’s another Michigander. But that doesn’t matter in this case, this is a must watch for everyone.

The Death of Recess

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