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Sources: LeBron’s Gift of “23” to AD Postponed For A Year:

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Did anyone purchase a Chinese manufactured discounted LeBron “6” jersey yet? Or a AD “23” jersey? If so, look no further:

 Anthony Davis is having an interesting offseason to say the least. I mean, face it. The man sacrificed $4M to help the Lakers try and land Kawhi Leonard and/or additional free agents. In an effort to make the man comfortable and to keep AD in Hollywood long-term, LeBron gifted his old jersey number – “23” to AD, as James would switch to “6.”

Instead of being gifted “23” by his teammate LeBron James, the decision for the number change will be postponed by the Lakers and by Nike, based on potential production numbers and financial issues by the jersey supplier.

LeBron had confirmed to social media that he was switching back to “6” –which he would during his time with the Miami Heat and gifting “23” to AD, who wore the number in New Orleans. According to sources, the NBA notified the Lakers that a March 15th

deadline for jersey changes had passed but it would waive the deadline if Nike followed along with the change. Apparently once you print a jersey, you gotta sell a jersey. All unused inventory of “23 – JAMES” jerseys that had been already produced would’ve led to a financial hit “well into the tens of millions of dollars.”

AD can’t technically wear #22 – as he wore that number while he was at the University of Kentucky. That jersey was worn by Elgin Baylor, retired in the purple and gold. But, perhaps, I could see an exception,

As of today, LeBron has yet to file an official request to the league to change from “23” to “6.”

And as always, the NBA has gone 0 days without being unnecessarily dramatic. 

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