Someone Tell Myles Garrett To Stick To Football, He Barely Won A Fight Using A Helmet He’s Not Touching The Paul Brothers

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You would think it was Myles Garret who got smashed in the head with a helmet with the way he’s talking, it doesn’t matter if he’s 6’4 270 he can’t fight. He had to rip Mason Rudolph’s helmet off just to beat him up why does he think he can box? This lil “pro athletes can box” trend is just getting ridiculous because no guy cannot. Nate Robinson lost, Chad Ochocinco lost like yeah these guys aren’t as big but if anything that’s gonna hurt Myles chances. He would come out like big dummy just swinging and Logan would sleep his big stupid ass.

Myles garret says he has bigger fish to fry? Who Mason fucking Rudolph you nerd, this is embarrassing the more Garrett speaks. I can say sure maybe comparing nate to Myles isn’t the best reference but it’s a close one because Myles will still end up on the mat. Logan went 8 rounds with the greatest fighter of all time, Jake is knocking out fighters and Myles Garrett is just swinging around helmets. He’s a chump sure he does work on the field but in the ring he would get bullied, but I personally would love to see it.

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