Someone Messaged on Snapchat to a Boy and Threatened to Shoot Up a North Chicago School

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A North Chicago, Illinois woman’s Facebook post has been going viral recently after someone messaged her son on Snapchat, saying he is going to ‘shoot up the school’ tomorrow (Thursday) in an alarming conversation.

The messages, who have been sent by the name of ‘Random Shooter,’ said that “some people deserve to die,” and “I can’t take it anymore, I must get revenge.” The person sending the posts is blaming bullying from the freshman class as his reason for his plan.

The photos of those messages can be seen down below. All photos are credited in courtesy to Kristy Marie on Facebook.

As mentioned by the North Chicago Police Department in one of the photos, they are aware of the messages and looking to see who did send them out. They are also looking to provide any type of safety measures in case a tragic event happens.

The school has also been contacted regarding those social media posts.

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