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Someone Is Claiming To Have Found Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s Super Bowl Jersey and More Of His Gear! @Clydro_22

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According to a Twitter user he has found Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s Super Bowl jersey, bag, and much more!

Although Kansas City lost the Super Bowl, I’m sure that he’d like the jersey. It’s hard to tell if this guy is telling the truth. Because for the most part players would be traveling on a team plane and normally are protective over gear that was worn in a Super Bowl.

So at first I had a high doubt that Edwards-Helaire would be careless with the gear. But when you look at the images, it sure seems like it’s real.

The Twitter user who posted about it said that he doesn’t have it but it’s one of his friends who has it and found the bag.

Pat McAfee mentioned it on his show as well:

Who just happens to find a Super Bowl bag? But if Clyde is actually missing it – good move by the person for posting about it instead of trying to sell it somehow like the person who ended up stealing Tom Brady’s jersey years ago.

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