Some Portions of the Upper Peninsula Already Have a Near 10 Feet Of Snow; Snowbanks Are Seen Lofting Over Sidewalks

The official Winter solstice has not arrived yet, but a few parts of the Upper Peninsula already have over 10 feet of snow on the ground.

According to a post from, the town of Twin Lakes (located in the south portion of Keweenaw Peninsula) already has 116” inches of snow. There was reported to be 46 inches fallen on the week of December 9th through the 15th, as posted by Keweenaw Roads on Facebook.

There is so much snow on the ground that even snowbanks are towering over the sidewalks in some cities. You can view the example photo by clicking on the original post here


The National Weather Service (NWS) station in Marquette has given a rundown of the official total snowfall there. Most of the Northern U.P. have a grand total of over 48 inches in seasonal snow, but it has not set new records in any location at this point.

Photo Courtesy: NWS via

With several major snowstorms (two already) predicted by the Farmers’ Almanac coming towards the U.P. this winter, we may see a lot more snow on the ground to add to our big snowy start.


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