Some of the NFL’s Funniest Mascot Moments

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Mascots have always been a great part of the match day experience and add to the event of the day for fans in the stadium. Every so often their exploits in entertaining the crowd are captured online and on television and go on to entertain a nation as well as all those tuning in around the world.

Smash Smash Smash 

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, Jaxson de Ville, may take the award for most entertaining clip. It’s a clip that went viral and has been a hit with everyone who has seen it.

(The Infamous Cake Smash)

While Jaxson de Ville is trying to give a Jaguars fan a cake, an attention seeking Texan’s fan refuses to get out of the shot. Jaxson shoves her out of the way once and she comes back in screaming support for the rival side. Jaxson decided enough was enough and wasn’t going to let the fan get away with video bombing the moment and forced the entire cake into her face! 

Fans loved it as the attention seeking rival fan was silenced with good clean cake throwing fun, something all the family can enjoy. It was a thoroughly entertaining moment for everyone watching something the mascot took further with more and more fans becoming the victims of his cake throwing escapades in future games.

There has not been as much fun for the fans when watching their side on the field so far this season though in Florida. The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their opening two games of the regular season after going into it with some positivity. 

That confidence coming in has dwindled away somewhat, especially in NFL betting, and the Jags are not upsetting many scorecards at present.

A 34-14 win over the Dallas Cowboys in their final preseason game gave some encouragement but fell to a Houston Texans side in the opening regular season game 37-21. With the offence able to get some points on the board, their defence couldn’t contain Tyrod Taylor who threw for 291 yards, no interceptions and two touchdowns. 

Their second game ended 23-13 to the Denver Broncos, after a positive start. The Jags were up 7-3 after the first quarter but could not find the end zone after this, failing to score a point in the second and third quarters.

Trevor Lawrence, the overall number one pick in the draft this summer has been put into a touch spot looking to lead this Jags offense. He has attempted 84 passes, completing 42 for 450 yards, averaging 5.4 yards per throw. He has 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and been sacked twice over the two opening games.

In the match with the Denver Broncos, the Jags attack was held to 189 yards of total offense which was lower than any game last season where Jacksonville finished with only one win and 15 defeats.

Lawrence is staying positive and the Jags will need to start finding some wins and feel they could get one or two by the end of October with competitive games coming up, especially against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Dolphins. 

It’s going to take some time, but there is confidence in the camp. “We want to win”

Lawrence said. “We’re in here every day working our tail off to get better, we want to win. But I can feel its getting better, and the morale is really good. We’ve got a great culture and a good environment here and it’s going to take a little time but we’re getting there”.

Jaxon de Ville is not the only mascot who goes that extra mile to entertain the fans. There have been some unforgettable moments in NFL history where the mascot has stolen the show.

More Mayhem

When the 2010 season got under way, the Tennessee Titans faced the Oakland Raiders and were comfortably cruising to an opening day victory. The friendly and supportive nature usually associated with mascots was completely flipped on its head as one of the Titans cheerleaders was gobbled up by T-Rac (the Titans mascot). T-Rac swallowed her whole and the cheerleader disappeared in front of the eyes of the near 70,000 fans in attendance!

For the 2018 SuperBowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles mascots started their competition a day early. Both Mascots raced on a zip line across the Mississippi River, between the Twin Cities in Minnesota. 

Although he is not the only mascot to go that extra mile, Jaxson de Ville is one of the more prolific. With the Jacksonville Jaguars playing in their London game back in 2013, they were trounced 42-10 by the San Francisco 49ers. Jaxson ensured that despite the performance and loss for the team, they came back with a nation of supporters. To keep the fans entertained the mascot decided to invade the pitch, after shedding his jersey and streaking across the pitch with security chasing after him! 

Mascots across all sports have been a used to great effect in bringing fans into the environment and getting them immersed in the atmosphere. Finding the right mascot and the perfect person to bring them to life can benefit a team in entertaining their fans as well as bringing in extra income through sponsorship. 

They are a key part of entertaining young fans in the stadium, especially when waiting pre-game and during stoppages. If the team is losing or the game is not enthralling enough, mascots can be a secondary avenue for bringing joy to those who have paid to enjoy their time supporting their side. 

Those mascots that are able to interact well with the crowd, home and away, as well as the players on their field are a key part of linking everyone together. This makes the fans who pay for their tickets and support their team feel more engaged with the team and will keep them coming back to cheer their side on eek in week out. 

Making sure they are marketed well is key and a good mascot can really help a side no matter how performances on the pitch are going.

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