Some Jabroni Proposed New College Football Conferences….They Are A Joke

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I’ll be honest this is straight garbage, BUT as a Penn State fan/alum. I’m all for it, because Penn State would never lose. Anyway here is the proposal.

Fucking ridiculous, the only conference that would be entertaining to watch is the Sun Belt. You have Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. So basically the three best from the SEC and the two Mississippi schools

Southwest would be ok, also the PAC-12, but I hate west coast football, so I’m biased.

Kudos for including North Dakota State, honestly they would be a problem in that conference. I can see them giving Wisconsin some issues.

I want college football back, but if these shitdog conferences were the norm, fuck that. UNLESS there were 10 teams in the college football playoffs. If that were the case, then game on!!

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