Social Media influencers and entrepreneurs Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson and business partners have launched a sports agency!

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Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson are two of the most popular Influencers in the entire world! They went from making TikTok videos to now investing into businesses! The future for Richards and Johnson are very bright.

Richards and Johnson, together with business partners Marshall Sandman and Michael Gruen, announced today the launch of their new sports agency, CrossCheck Sports, which will be led by managing partner Zachary Charles, an NBPA and FIBA-certified agent who joins the new agency from Young Money AAPA Sports, a full-service sports agency. Previously, Charles was an agent at Next Sports and CEO of 3PT Sports Management.

At launch, CrossCheck Sports will focus on signing basketball players, with plans to eventually expand into other professional sports. 

“I have always been a huge fan of basketball and launching CrossCheck Sports allows me to be involved beyond being a fan,” Richards said. “This is a true passion project. I have built my career mentoring other influencers and I am excited to take that another step further. We are going to grow recognition for our clients in a way that has never been done before and will leave no stone unturned, utilizing every resource available, on our quest to become the best sports agency in the world. I look forward to helping create the future of sports representation, and I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey and can’t wait for Summer League and Draft night on July 29th!”

Charles and Gruen previously launched 3PT Sports Management, a full-service agency for professional basketball players. Charles later joined Next Sports, where he secured NBA-draft picks and two-way contracts for his clients.

“Zach is super patient and a great mentor,” Gruen said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and I know he is going to be a major asset in Josh and Griffin’s evolution into mogul status. Zach will turn CrossCheck Sports into the premier sports agency for rising stars that want to be more than just athletes. Through this uniquely assembled team, we will be able to procure opportunities for our clients that the world of basketball representation has not seen before. I expect to be a contender in some of the top prospects’ agency-selection processes in 2022 and don’t be surprised if you see us in the scene for the 2021 draft.”

“I’m thrilled to join Josh, Griffin, and Michael in this new venture,” Charles said. “Michael and I made a great team at 3PT Sports Management, and I’m confident we’ll make an even stronger partnership with the addition of Griffin, Josh and Marshall. I want to thank them for giving me this incredible opportunity. Let’s go make history!” 

What a huge move by the entire team!

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