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Social Media forgot who Barry Sanders is and started freaking out at Garth Brooks for wearing his jersey thinking it was supporting Bernie Sanders 2020 | @BarrySanders @GarthBrooks

During a recent performance in Detroit, country music star Garth Brooks decided he would wear a Barry Sanders jersey, showing respect to the greatest athlete in the history of Detroit sports. Not thinking anything political would happen.

Nothing seemed wrong with it…. Some people on social media decided that it’s not a Barry Sanders jersey but instead it’s a Bernie Sanders 2020 jersey.

Don’t believe me? Read these comments:

Welcome to 2020, everything is politics. This is actually ridiculous. Apparently some of social media forgot about Barry Sanders, or doesn’t know about him at all.

First off, how do you forget about or never learn about the greatest running back of all time? Come on America!

Second off, these people are taking this to the extreme. A twitter user went viral putting together some of the top comments regarding Brooks and Sanders.

Not. Everything. Is. Politics.

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